“Vote by Mail” Critical to Aug 26th Primary for County Commissioners

August 26th is an unusual time to hold an election. It is particularly hard for our community to have an impact on the results because we have a far higher percentage of “snowbirds” than the rest of Lee County.

ECCL indicates the following (and this is representative of Pelican Landing/Bonita Springs as well):
In 2004, the first year that we supported a County Board member, Ray Judah, in the Republican Primary only 17% of registered Estero Republican voters cast ballots in that election while almost 25% of all Lee County Republicans participated.

We learned that lesson and since then have developed a quite successful “Absentee Voter”, now called “Vote by Mail”, participation campaign. As a result, in the 2012 Primary Election, the Estero participation rate exceeded the countywide share by 3 percentage points. In that election 48% of Estero’s Republican voters cast ballots by “absentee” while the countywide share was only 35.5%.

Vote by Mail Campaign

It is not too soon to begin to encourage voters in your community to “Vote by Mail” in the August 26 Primary Election. Year round Florida residents can also “Vote by Mail” if they prefer. Or they can “Early Vote” during the last 8 days prior to Election Day.

Please ask your Homeowners Association to distribute this linked, non-partisan “Vote by Mail” flyer to all the members of your community. If not, you and your colleagues will need to find a way to find or develop email lists or other media that you can use to encourage all your residents, but especially your registered Republicans, to “Vote by Mail” or otherwise in the August 26 Primary Election.

Registered voters can still apply for “Vote by Mail” ballots until about one week prior to the election so that the ballot may be sent out, voted and returned before the polls close on August 26.

Right now 29 per cent of our registered voters have applied for a “Vote by Mail” ballot…we need to get that number a lot higher if we are to have a real impact on this election and get the attention of our County Commissioners.

Just print out an application from the following website: Voter’s Registration Form Complete the information and mail it to:
Lee County Supervisor of Elections
P.O. Box 2545
Ft. Myers, FL 33902