PLCA Withdrew its Motion to Dismiss RBC Lawsuit

On November 28, 2016, the PLCA Board moved to withdraw two motions that PLCA had unnecessarily filed just prior to the turnover election — a motion to dismiss the RBC lawsuit against WCI as well as the motion for sanctions that the former Board directed the Association attorney to file in RBC’s case against WCI.    The Court filing to withdraw both of these motions occurred on November 29th.

Thanks to all who helped to elect a Board supportive of fighting WCI’s claims that it can unilaterally annex additional properties into our community as well as those WCI claims to continue to control PLCA’s Documents post turnover.  We are now on the road to becoming a united community voice in opposition to WCI’s arbitrary actions.

At this point, RBC remains the only entity challenging WCI.  We will need to carry this effort for the time being if we want to stop WCI.  But, at least we now have a United Voice.  We are confident the New Board understands its fiduciary duty to protect our community against the unfounded and arbitrary actions and claims of WCI and that PLCA will move toward a more active role in the legal challenge ahead.

We encourage all of you to write a note of thanks to the Board for taking this first step and encourage them to move to become a more prominent participant in the efforts to stop WCI’s deliberate actions to dramatically increase the size of our community — which will burden our community amenities/Beach Park, etc. and negatively harm our property values.

Elections do matter and the newly elected PLCA board members need to hear from their supporters.

Marvin Hancock, PLCA President,
Bob Loos, PLCA Vice President,
Steve Gunther, PLCA Secretary,
Pete Kane, PLCA Treasurer,
Joanne Ribble,
Clyde Knowles,
Bill Richardson,

We thank you all for listening, caring and acting