Failure is not an Option!


  1. STOP WCI from Annexing Property into PLCA.
    • WCI arbitrarily filed a document on September 9, 2016 adding 254 acres of property to Exhibit A to the PLCA Declaration (step one to annexation).
  2. Prevent WCI for continuing to wield “dead-hand” control over PLCA and its documents.
    • WCI claims it can still annex property into PLCA, and;
    • WCI claims that it can add 2 more board seats to PLCA — even after turnover.

Consequences for lack of action:

  • WCI will Annex four (4) 20-story Raptor Bay Towers (400 Units) and whatever else is developed within the Raptor Bay Properties into PLCA.
  • WCI will add/annex an additional 254 acres into PLCA (Evidenced by WCI’s September 9, 2016 Supplement filed with Lee County).
  • WCI agreed to reduce development in the Colony by 1 unit for each unit it builds in the Raptor Bay Properties.  It appears WCI has no intention of complying with this agreement.
  • WCI could annex 290 more units currently zoned to be built on the Timeshare property (these are not yet permitted — they are also not required to be “timeshares”).
  • WCI can claim the right to sell the 200 Beach Rights obtained in the marina deal to a third party.
  •  WCI claims it has the right to add 2 more seats to the Board to accommodate those properties they intend to annex into PLCA.
  • Each Board member has publicly opposed any annexation. The Board must unite and act to stop WCI.               WCI’s right to annex property into PLCA expired long ago.

If Not Stopped, WCI Will Continue to Act UNILATERALLY — Without PLCA Approval

We need your help.

If you agree that WCI needs to be stopped from annexing/adding additional property into PLCA, putting your amenities and lifestyle at risk, please communicate with your PLCA board members now to show your support to STOP WCI.

Please express your support by urging the Board to aggressively fight annexation.


Marvin Hancock, PLCA President, tmhr@me.com
Bob Loos, PLCA Vice President, Bobtloos@gmail.com
Steve Gunther, PLCA Secretary, stgunther@gmail.com
Pete Kane, PLCA Treasurer, pbkane@gmail.com
Joanne Ribble, Billyjoa73@gmail.com
Clyde Knowles, clydeknowles@gmail.com
Bill Richardson, wfr2@comcast.net

Thank you for your interest.  We will continue to provide valid information as this community moves forward in a positive direction.