WCI Files Supplement to Add Raptor Bay to Pelican Landing Declaration (Exhibit A)

The Pelican Landing Community Association board has just informed the community that WCI has unilaterally amended our Declaration by filing a Supplement to include 250 acres North of Coconut Road (mostly Raptor Bay) into Pelican Landing’s Exhibit A.  This is concrete evidence that RBC’s warnings about WCI’s annexation intentions have been right all along.

WCI’s effort to amend our Declaration to add these 250 acres goes against clear prohibitions set out in our documents and Florida law that forbid such unilateral actions.  Quite simply, it is an attempt to amend the documents (over 7 years after the turnover should have occurred) to allow WCI to annex this property after its right to do so has expired.

It is way past time for our Board and Association attorney to wake up and notice.  As one owner just put it: “Rome is burning, stop fiddling”.  PLCA should immediately join RBC’s suit as a plaintiff supporting RBC’s legal challenge against WCI.  A community united could fight this much more easily.

There is no time to waste.  We must all act together or Pelican Landing, as we know it, will be unalterably changed.

Please contact the PLCA board members and urge them to join RBC’s suit as a plaintiff to stop WCI from annexing more property into the PLCA.

If you haven’t voted yet in this important board of directors election, please remember  the candidates who support RBC’s lawsuit to stop WCI from annexing additional communities into Pelican Landing:

Community At-Large Seat No. 7 (all residents cast 1 vote for this single seat)

  1. Marvin Hancock Longlake

Pelican Landing 4 Seats (non-Colony residents cast 4 Votes – 1 for each seats 3-6):

  1. Steve Gunther       Palm Colony
  2. Peter Kane            Bay Cedar
  3. Judy Neyhart        Ascot
  4. Jeffrey Wacksman Goldcrest

Colony 2 Seats (Colony residents cast 2 Votes – 1 for each seat):

  1. Joanne Ribble  Sorrento
  2. Robert Loos Castella


3 thoughts on “WCI Files Supplement to Add Raptor Bay to Pelican Landing Declaration (Exhibit A)

  1. I fully agree with Paul Dolan’s statement. In the meantime it’s clear as well what WCI planned: to make hundreds of millions profit with selling their shares, that exist since 3 years, after a sudden jump of around 40% to Lennar corp at the 22nd september. You can.observe the low value of the shares upto the 21st sept on
    Best regards
    Dirk Heinlein

  2. So far I believe that the RBC has a plan, WCI has an unknown plan and the PLCA Board had no plan. Sounds more like “Peace in our time” and we know hos that turned out.

  3. There can no longer be any doubt that WCI intends to profit from the name of Pelican Landing and our amenities. They want our community name, they want our amenities, and they want us to quietly just give these up to them (deadhand control) so they can build towers annexed into PL.

    Good luck getting a pickle-ball court or a turn on the treadmill. Just forget about our beach during season.

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