RBC Endorses Candidates for PLCA Board

It is up to Residents to elect a new board to invigorate and bring harmony into Pelican Landing.  The following candidates are respectful and will bring transparency to the decision-making process at Pelican Landing.  Over the years, each has demonstrated his or her commitment to this community and all have invested their time and energy in volunteer efforts for their neighborhoods as well as the overall community.

Each of these residents has conclusively demonstrated he/she understands the WCI threat and is willing to stand up and defend PLCA against the arbitrary actions of WCI regarding annexation, dead-hand control and post turnover governance of our community.

While there may be other good candidates, we need a board that will address the issues before us with energy and a new perspective.  If you desire a strategy of taking a position rather than the current board’s posture of “standing back”, please give your consideration and your votes to the following candidates who have proven their commitment to PLCA over their many years of volunteer service to you and all members.

After significant due diligence and evaluation of all candidates, we believe the views of the following candidates regarding governance, annexation, dead hand control and unity are aligned with the needs of our community moving forward. Therefore, our recommendations support RBC director Bob Loos and Joanne Ribble for the two seats representing the Colony. We support Steve Gunther, Peter Kane, Judy Neyhart and Jeffrey Wacksman for the four seats representing Phase 1 of Pelican Landing. We further support Marvin Hancock for the At-Large seat. Their qualifications can be viewed by clicking on their names (below)

Colony Seats Numbers 1 – 2 (Colony residents cast 2 votes – 1 for each seat):

  1. Joanne Ribble           Sorrento
  2. Robert Loos               Castella

Pelican Landing Seats Number 3-6 (Non Colony residents cast 4 Votes – 1 for each seat):

  1. Steve Gunther           Palm Colony
  2. Peter Kane                 Bay Cedar
  3. Judy Neyhart             Ascot
  4. Jeffrey Wacksman    Goldcrest

Community At-Large Seat Number. 7 (All residents cast 1 vote for this single seat)

  1. Marvin Hancock        Longlake

The ballots have been mailed and you should be receiving your ballot to vote for a NEW BOARD. Mail can be slow and forwarding mail can be a problem. If you don’t receive your ballot by September 19th call the PLCA office (239-947-5977) as your ballot must be returned by October 11 to be counted.

Last March only 1,500 households voted – because so few people are “in residence” and because there are many candidates, this most important election will likely be won or lost on a small number of votes.  YOUR VOTE COUNTS!

The Candidates thank you for your consideration … We thank you …PLEASE VOTE!
Please share this information and encourage your neighbors to vote!