If not for the lawsuit filed by RBC, every board seat up for election right now would be under the influence of the WCI /Hyatt non-resident block votes. That’s right. WCI’s original plan for the election was to allow it (with its Timeshares and golf course) and the Hyatt Hotel to vote their block of 232 votes for each of the 7 board seats, instead of only one at-large community seat!  Plus now there are the two more seats for the Hyatt and the golf courses. Nine seats either directly or indirectly controlled by non-residents! The RBC’s lawsuit stopped WCI’s Plan A.

It wasn’t until Residents for a Better Community filed a demand for mediation with the threat of a lawsuit that WCI postponed the March turnover election and changed its plan to the election we are having now.  At least with this voting scheme, the block votes can only be cast for one seat — the Community at-large Seat No. 7.

The current board of directors did nothing to prevent this WCI plan which would have created a governing structure where every seat on all future boards would be influenced by these block votes of non-residents. Why didn’t the board fight this? Could it be because the board members were all elected with the help of these 232 WCI/Hyatt block votes?

This is one more example of how important it is to stand up for our rights in Pelican Landing and elect board members who will defend PLCA against WCI’s arbitrary actions.

One thought on “WHAT ABOUT “THE LAWSUIT”? Did You Know?

  1. Since the PLCA Board is violating the Florida HOA Statute by failing to disclose the financial information that includes employees salaries, can anyone TRUST the present PLCA Board members, that ignore a law specifically passed to protect the rights of members of a Home Owners Association, to look out for the interests of the Association members on other issues? I certainly cannot vote for anyone who is now on the Board to remain on the Board.

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