RBC Stood up to WCI on Raptor Bay..Why Didn’t the PLCA Board?


FACT: It was the RBC that won the first round against WCI and its plans to build 4 hi-rise towers on the Raptor Bay Golf Course last February. Because of funds raised from hundreds of Pelican Landing homeowners, Residents for a Better Community was able to hire a land-use attorney and professional land planner and fight WCI’s plans before the Bonita Springs City Council.

Now the second round is coming. WCI is again seeking the council’s approval, and they want to annex these new hi-rises with 400 units  (that means about 800 or more residents plus guests plus grandchildren in season) into Pelican Landing, over burdening our Beach Park, PLCA’s beach shuttle boats, tennis and pickleball courts and our other amenities.

FACT: The current PLCA board has taken no official position on this issue. They have not stood up to WCI on this, or on WCI’s demand that we lease, not own, the Pelican Landing trademark after turnover.

We need a board of directors that will defend our property rights.


3 thoughts on “RBC Stood up to WCI on Raptor Bay..Why Didn’t the PLCA Board?

  1. Bad things happen when good people do nothing….so good things happen when good people do something! RBC doesn’t engage in name calling only in questioning illegal behavior. Now if only the PLCA Board would step up to addressing important issues we would all be happy. That would happen if the PLCA Board did not have such a high regard for their opinions as I am not sure how few residents agree with their non action.

    • The law supplies remedies such as restraining orders and preliminary injunctions in those situations where one party is threatened with the action of another party that is detrimental to them. There is no need to wait until something bad happens to take action. Why does the PLCA board want to wait until it happens?.

  2. We are in total agreement. No surprise that so much is happening when most residents are elsewhere, a classic tactic of some! The PL residents blog posts and UOC messages keep us up to speed. Look forward to the video of ‘Meet the Candidates Night’. Wish we could be there in person, but it’s great to have the video. Thanks!

    Rob and Kay Newell

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