Pelican Landing Trademark

Fact of the Day

WCI  has reneged on turning over the Pelican Landing trademark upon “turnover”.  Unlike other communities, like Pelican Bay and Pelican Sound (where WCI turned over the name of the community to the homeowner’s association), WCI plans on keeping the right to the name Pelican Landing and just licensing it to PLCA for 10 years. (This per PLCA Attorney T. Hart)

— Why? Most believe WCI intends to use the Pelican Landing name and amenities for the hundreds of residences they propose to build as the Raptor Bay towers — more evidence that WCI plans to annex these properties into PLCA

One thought on “Pelican Landing Trademark

  1. It’s about time somebody defined exactly what the trademark is. You may discover that It is only the Pelican Logo and not the words “Pelican Landing”. Define your words and we can converse!

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