Amy Quaremba our Bonita Springs Councilwoman and fellow PLCA resident: update on Raptor Bay


Fellow Resident,

The Raptor Bay Rezoning Application (Pelican Landing Commercial Planned Development (CPD)/Residential Planned Development (RPD) Amendment, PD15-23946-BOS) is proceeding through the Bonita Springs Community Development review process.

It had been submitted to the Bonita Springs Community Development staff which returned it to the applicant on July 11, 2016 for clarifications and response to the concerns that were raised.

WCI has resubmitted the application with its responses to the staff. Below is the link to the WCI response to the city for your information.  Staff will now review the application again to determine if there has been sufficient response to the points it raised.  This will take a few weeks.  Provided staff is satisfied that the application is ready then a “sufficiency letter” will be issued.  Then the application will be scheduled for public hearings before the City of Bonita Springs Zoning Board and following that at the City Council.

The city has a published schedule that determines the public hearing timing.  If the application is “sufficient” by the cutoff date, then it will typically be heard at the next scheduled Zoning Board hearing.  The following are the next three scheduled Zoning Board hearing dates: Oct 18, Nov 18, and Dec 20 (the respective cut off dates are Sep 2, Oct 7, and Nov 4).

Because the staff will not complete its review by the first cutoff date of Sep 2, it is expected that the application will not be heard at the Zoning Board before Nov 18 and it is also possible that it could be later. If, for example, the application is heard at the Nov 18 Zoning Board hearing then it will come before City Council at its December meetings, if it is heard at the Dec 20 Zoning Board hearing then it will come before City Council at its January meeting.  I will update you when it is scheduled to come before the Zoning Board and City Council.

There are opportunities for residents to express their opinions in regard to this application, not only at the Zoning Board hearing itself but also at the City Council public hearing and even to community development staff at each step of the process.

You can monitor the progress at the Bonita Springs Community Development website: – there is a link entitled “Raptor Bay” which you can click on.

The City and I, as your District 1 Council representative, are committed to keeping you apprised of this process. The PLCA board has agreed to distribute these courtesy updates as they become available.

If you have any specific questions it is best to reach me at my city email which is

Let’s all work together to have the best outcome for our community. Please recognize that the City of Bonita Springs is to decide the nature of the development which may be built on the property known as Raptor Bay. The issue of potential annexation of this future neighborhood into PLCA is to be determined internally by our PLCA community.

Amy Quaremba
Bonita Springs Councilwoman District 1 and fellow PLCA resident