Raptor Bay Hearing Coming Up AGAIN!


Raptor Bay Hearing Coming Up AGAIN!

FACT:   This week, WCI made a formal request that the Bonita Springs government schedule another hearing for WCI’s application to build 4 hi-rise towers in Raptor Bay. Internal comments are due 9/14/16.  That could mean another public hearing as early as October.

RBC is challenging WCI’s claim that it can annex/add this property, and any other properties, into PLCA up to the end of 2020. WCI only has annexation powers if we as a community fail to stand up and challenge this claim in the only place where a ruling can stop them.  That is in the Florida court of law.

Ask candidates for the upcoming Board of Directors election what their position is on this important issue.


One thought on “Raptor Bay Hearing Coming Up AGAIN!

  1. I am against WCI annexing and constructing these additional structures at Raptors Bay, which would overburden the current facilities. They are going against the wishes of the Pelican Landing community and manipulating the turnover to their advantage. This project should not be allowed to go through, Ravi Kandula, Florencia at the colony.

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