Recap of Raptor Bay Informational Meeting and link to view presentation

The following is a short report on the recent public meeting that WCI was required by law to hold to inform Bonita and Estero residents of their proposal to build four  22 story towers in Raptor Bay. Hundreds of concerned local residents from multiple communities packed the house. (newsclips previously provided see posts below). Please note we await receipt of WCI’s summary of the meeting.

Suffice it to say, despite the meeting title, very little information was provided in the surprisingly brief slide presentation.  The maps presented were on a distant screen and even when attendees asked specific questions, the WCI representative from Grady Minor Engineering did not expand the map nor did he provide clear responses.  Text documents projected on the screen were unreadable.  The goal seemed not to inform, but to obfuscate.  No printed information or copies of the maps and diagrams projected were provided to the attendees.

As requested by attendees unable to view from afar – WCI’s engineering firm provided the presentation click here: 6 27 2016 Public Information Meeting for Pelican Landing PD

When the question period arrived, not one person spoke in favor of the proposed plan. Pelican Landing and surrounding communities were very well represented at the meeting.  West Bay’s Owners Association President spoke in opposition to the plan, as did concerned homeowners from Meadowbrook, Coconut Shores, Eldorado Acres, and Spring Creek Village.  Everyone that stood up and spoke should be commended. This was an opportunity to stand up and be counted.

About fourteen questioners asked whether or not Raptor Bay, and its subsequent towers will be annexed/added into Pelican Landing, and/or if WCI planned to include the Pelican Landing Beach Park and our other amenities in the marketing materials for the sale of the proposed towers. Each and every time the question was asked regarding Amenities and Annexation — the answer was inexact or Wayne Arnold of Grady Minor Engineering said they “had not gotten that far in their planning and design”.  At no time did any executive or employee from WCI speak during the presentation or respond to any of the questions posed.

While PLCA President, Clyde Knowles, and Vice President, Shirley Withrington. were both present neither Clyde or Shirley spoke in favor of or in opposition to the Raptor Bay application.

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If you haven’t seen the complete filing by WCI for the development of the Raptor Bay property, click here to see document.  WCI clearly intends to annex multiple properties into PLCA. There are legal protections to annexation (in our Settlement Agreement and Florida Statutes) but they will only protect us if our Board and homeowners act to protect our community.

It is no accident that this is happening over the summer.  We need to show WCI that we can stay involved even from a distance by writing emails to the City Council, the PLCA Board,  by supporting the Residents for a Better Community (RBC) legal fund and keeping up with the information as it changes over the summer.   

Please do contact the City of Bonita Springs to voice your objections to WCI’s application t build 4 20-story towers — City Council email:

Questions can also be directed to WCI’s engineering firm: Q. Grady Minor and Associates, P.A.,3800 Via Del Rey, Bonita Springs, FL 34134.