NaplesNews:South Lee residents rally against proposed high-rise Raptor Bay development

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Hundreds of residents from Bonita Springs and Estero attended the informational meeting and were disappointed with the lack of information provided. Residents from Pelican Landing, El Dorado Acres, Spring Creek Village, Coconut Shores, West Bay Club, Lighthouse Bay all spoke against the 4 towers.  In fact not one public comment was supportive!

Click here to see more photos and read article by Patrick Riley of the Naples Daily News 



One thought on “NaplesNews:South Lee residents rally against proposed high-rise Raptor Bay development

  1. I attended the WCI meeting last night and here are my comments:

    The following comments of importance were made by the following individuals:

    DON ESLICK: Pointed out that this meeting was not made by the courtesy of WCI but was required before meeting with city officials. The purpose of the meeting was to advise the residents of the proposals that WCI wanted approved and for WCI to understand and address the objections by the residents to WCI’s proposals.

    MORGOT HILL: Pointed out that the WCI presentation failed to convey any meaningful information. Visual aids were unreadable, unfamiliar acronyms were useless, and most questions were unanswered. WCI was also asked if a record was being made of the residents comments by recording. The answer was no, but a WCI representative was taking notes (not funny). It was requested that everyone present that gave WCI their e-mail address receive an e-mail with the unreadable information presented in a readable attachment.

    JUNE RICKS: Asked what would be the effect of adding so many new residents on our amenities and received no answer, only the excuse (admission) that WCI was still in the proposal phase of the project and had not considered how many residents would be added (and certainly not the effect).

    MY COMMENTS: “Mitigation” (to make something less severe) was a word constantly used in the WCI presentation but avoided and never used to address the effect of adding the population of 4 towers to the use of our amenities and the increased daily traffic within the Colony. The traffic problem within the Colony and Coconut road if an evacuation of the Colony was necessary because of a hurricane was not satisfactorily answered. Actually, the mere use of the word mitigation” was totally insufficient in answering HOW WCI’s proposals would not adversely affect the residents.

    Exactly what the mitigation was, was never expressed, only what WCI proposed to do with no consideration given to the adverse effect on the residents. I left early, after more than an hour, because I believed most of the significant issues were raised, and unanswered.

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