NBC-2 Raptor Bay high-rise proposal meeting left neighbors not satisfied

Great turnout opposing WCI’s request to build four (4)  20+ story towers in Raptor Bay. Pelican Landing residents and homeowners from neighboring communities speak out!  People who live near Raptor Bay Golf Club in Estero were ready to fight four proposed high-rises as the developer behind the project pitched its plan.


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Estero high-rise proposal meeting left neighbors not satisfied


Raptor Bay proposed site for 4 towers


6 thoughts on “NBC-2 Raptor Bay high-rise proposal meeting left neighbors not satisfied

  1. Well Spoken Margot! President Knowles and Vice President Withrington spoke volumes by saying nothing. Is there anyone on the PLCA Board who will stand up to WCI? Is there anyone on the PLCA Board who objects to the outrageous behavior of President Knowles and VP Withrington? Is there anyone on the Board who thinks it’s wrong to support a ballot constructed by WCI in WCI’s favour? You have duties, responsibilities and decorum behaviors that are being neglected.

    Robert and Catherine Newell

    • I heard the entire elected board state that they did not support WCI board proposal. This included Clyde and Shirley.

      I’m afraid of retribution by you so I won’t identify myself. Just listen to the board audio tape.

  2. The fact that neither board member that was in attendance last night spoke in opposition to the towers spoke volumes to me. The President, Clyde Knowles, and his go-along VP Shirley Withrington, demonstrated that they were more in league with the WCI executives smirking in the front row than they were with their residents filling the room. The President of the West Bay Association was not the least bit hesitant to stand up and record his opposition. But then, he wasn’t elected to his post by WCI as our two profiles in courage were!

    Even when it was clear to everyone in the room that WCI intended to annex Raptor Bay into Pelican Landing, including our amenities, Clyde and Shirley sat glued to their seats.

    From now on, if I ever hear either one of them claim to be against annexation, I won’t believe it, because they had a chance to stand up for their residents, and what did they do?

    As usual, nothing.

    • Perhaps we all should focus on who really controls this process It is not the PLCA Board. It is are city council our Lee County commissioners our Flotida state representatives state senators and governor. Who did you vote for. They control the zoning they support real estate development Don’t cry wolf when the majority of southwest Florida residents elect officials that cater to the developers. Where is your outrage against the local politicians. It’s easy to castigate our fellow volunteer residents but I haven’t seen or heard one comment against the people that truly control zoning and land use. Once you realize the zoning laws are written in favor of the developers maybe you will think about the county and state officials you blindly vote for.

      • So, brave outspoken ‘anonymous’, I’m not playing your switch the focus game. As a matter of fact, I take voting very seriously and research candidates before they get my vote. But that’s not the point of my last post and you know it. My point was that our board has not stood up to the developers that control them, when the residents voted in good faith for them after they said they would stand up from our property rights. They had a chance at that meeting to stand and be counted, but were cowed by their handlers, whose votes they relied on to put them in their volunteer board position. Why is that more important than their property values? Or is being unable to admit that maybe the RBC is right that difficult? Pride goeth before a huge fall here….

      • There is a lot of confusion of these issues. Our turnover issues will influence PLCA into the future and the Raptor Bay development, if approved, will influence PLCA as well as this southern portion of Lee county (Bonita/Estero/unincorporated Lee).

        But to your point regarding elections — In fact, the most recent local election for the Bonita Springs City Council speaks volumes about resident involvement in electing good people. Amy Quaremba was elected to the seat for District 1 Bonita Springs City Council and she is working diligently with Mayor Peter Simmons and all of the Bonita Springs City Council to make sure, for example, the comprehensive plan is not trampled in WCI’s attempts to develop nearby!

        Let’s make sure we keep electing people who are looking out for the best interests of the residents … that surely includes those we elect to the Pelican Landing Board of Directors! Since the time WCI announced their willingness to proceed toward an early turnover the PLCA BOD’s mantra has been that WCI is in the drivers seat … listen to McPherson (still heavily involved) and Withrington and Tipton and Clyde on the recordings of their meetings beginning in September of 2014 and this is evident!

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