Colony CRC Unanimous Vote of No Confidence in the PLCA Board

Last Thursday (June 23rd) the CRC (Colony Residents Council) sent its Unanimous Vote of No Confidence in the PLCA Board to the PLCA.  The email transmittal and the wording of the resolution follows this introduction. The representatives of 14 communities in the Colony representing nearly 1,000 residential units voted in favor of this resolution.

Both the CRC and the UOC have passed resolutions and motions urging the PLCA Board to take action to protect the residents and setting out a turnover plan that complies with the governing documents.  For almost 2 years both the CRC and the UOC have requested a presence in the turnover discussions.  Nonetheless, the PLCA Board has rejected these requests to participate.

2016 6 23 2016 CRC email transmitting Resolution


This is a sad wake-up call for the PLCA Board and management as well as all homeowners.

You may wish to listen to the last 35 minutes of the meeting to fully comprehend the situation including the misrepresentation of resident comments made in the Blast email the PLCA sent to all residents as a synopsis of their meeting.


CRC Email to PLCA

To: PLCA Board of Directors

cc: Marie Martel, CRC representatives

I have been requested by the Colony Residents Committee to provide you the below email and the attached resolution. As the senior committee in the Colony (the Colony Foundation is controlled by the Developer) the committee’s singular responsibility is to represent the interests of Colony residents. We have not abandoned the hope that changes will be made by the PLCA Board and that such changes will engender a collegial, respectful working environment with effective communication and sharing of views.

If there are questions or you would like to discuss the resolution further, it is requested the initial contact be with the CRC’s Chair, John Ellis.

Thank you.

read the entire communication and resolution … 


This communication presumes awareness of the most recent PLCA Board meeting of June 15, 2016 (if the presumption is incorrect, a reference cite to the recording of the meeting can be provided). The meeting started amicably but it was turned disruptive by the PLCA Board. Briefly, the issues proposed to be addressed herein are:

– The Board indiscreetly made statements about several PLCA residents which were inaccurate, not reflecting temperance, and disruptive to the pursuit of governance in a civil manner.

– The Board lacks command of the facts. They espoused a position critical of the UOC (and CRC too) in pursuit of a non-productive purpose, based upon an inaccurate premise that the UOC had developed Turnover “Modified Plan C.” Recognition was not given to the plan having emanated from the CRC and its Turnover Committee, not the UOC. More importantly the CRC’s view that this proposal is the least controversial and fairest proposed plan continues to fall on deaf ears..

– The Board, reportedly on the advice of legal counsel, rejects residents’ requests to engage in meaningful dialogue regarding the developer’s now pending Turnover plan, or for that matter any other significant PLCA topic. Similarly, repeated requests for the Board to conduct and actively participate in a community forum at which the issues regarding turnover would be addressed have evoked no response.

In summary, the Board is failing to provide needed leadership to the PLCA community…






We, the undersigned, the Colony residents’ senior advisory committee to the Foundation, do hereby unanimously:

(1) Waive notice of the special meeting of the CRC for the purpose of taking the action taken in the resolution below:

(2) Consent to the taking of action taken in the resolution below without a meeting;

(3)  Direct that this Written Consent be filed with the minutes of the Colony Residents Committee; and

(4)  Consent and agree to the following resolution.

WHEREAS, the exercise of responsible self government requires that leadership establish by example an environment of mutual respect in which leadership will genuinely entertain different viewpoints, IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED:

In recognition of the Pelican Landing Community Association Board’s statements at their June 15, 2016 meeting regarding  PLCA residents which were indiscreet, inaccurate, not reflecting temperance, and disruptive to the pursuit of governance in a civil manner, and

In recognition of the PLCA Board’s misstatements regarding the proposed post PLCA Turnover Board selection process, particularly the so referenced “Modified Plan C”, which was developed and proposed by the CRC, not the UOC, and related comments disregarding and dismissing without discussion the CRC’s view that the plan is the least controversial and fairest to all residents, and

In recognition of the PLCA Board’s repeated rejection of Colony residents requests to engage in meaningful dialogue regarding the [now potentially pending] developer Turnover plan, including the Board selection process, or for that matter any significant topic, a similar non-responsiveness to requests that the PLCA Board conduct and actively participate in a community forum in which concerns and issues regarding the developer’s turnover of PLCA would be addressed, and

In summary, failing to provide an environment in which residents can constructively disagree with the PLCA Board, the Colony Residents Committee

HEREBY adopt a resolution of No Confidence in the PLCA Board of Directors.

FURTHER RESOLVED, that this Written Consent may be signed in various counterparts, all of which taken together shall be deemed to be one and the same instrument.

DATED:  June 23, 2016

John Ellis, Chair     Merano                     /s/ John Ellis

Dan Ahlberg           Tuscany Isle             /s/ Dan Ahlberg

John Fisher             Cielo                          /s/ John Fisher

Ted Gravenhorst   Addison Place           /s/ Ted Gravenhorst

Jim Green               Navona                      /s/ Jim Green

Bob Jenkins            Palermo                    /s/ Bob Jenkins

Mike Kelly               Bellagio                     /s/ Mike Kelly

Jack Kennedy          Villa Trevi                 /s/ Jack Kennedy

Ben Korbly               Las Palmas               /s/ Ben Korbly

Bob Loos                  Castella                    /s/ Bob Loos

Bill Nicholson           Terzetto                  /s/ Bill Nicholson

Bill Prakap                 Florencia                /s/ Bill Prakap

Joanne Ribble           Sorrento                 /s/ Joanne Ribble

Mike Snyder              Treviso                   /s/ Mike Snyder