UOC/CRC Voting Reps Votes Against WCI Proposal

After receipt of the PLCA  Turnover Communication #19, the Unit Owners Committee (UOC) and Colony Residents Committee (CRC) Voting Reps were polled on May 16th whether they approve or disapprove the significant changes to our Governing Documents with the post-turnover plan created by WCI. With 76% of the 51 Voting Reps responding, 25 voted Against the proposal, 7 voted In Favor and  7 Abstained. Note that of the 51 UOC Reps, one is the Hyatt, one is the Timeshares, two are Golf Clubs, one is Cielo with no representation and one is Altaira also without representation.

Here is a link to the letter to the UOC/CRC Voting Reps

Steve Gunther, the Palm Colony UOC Voting Rep, as well as others, provided feedback directly from Residents to back up his vote “Against” the WCI proposal. Significantly, in their words, there was a clear call from residents that “the PLCA board should join the RBC in resolving the issues with WCI. Otherwise it appears that the board is representing WCI’s interest at the expense of their constituents, i.e. the residents and owners.” 

Here is a link to the Palm Colony input