WCI Responds to RBC Lawsuit 

WCI has finally responded to RBC’s complaint and, as expected, it has chosen not to answer the allegations made in the complaint but rather make a motion to dismiss the complaint. In fact, in a footnote WCI has hinted that it has more motions to make if this one fails.  This tactic in legal circles is called “motion practice” and is used to try to avoid the substantive issues, delay the ultimate outcome of a case and cause unnecessary excessive legal fees for an opponent.

RBC has met with its attorneys and has been reassured that nothing WCI has asserted will ultimately deny RBC from having a decision on this matter. As our attorneys have noted, the stakes are high for WCI. If the legal action is carried to completion, this could be the first reported case where homeowners are employing the legal protections that Florida has provided homeowners against the actions of predatory developers. While Pelican Landing is not the only victim of this type of predatory behavior by developers, the reason for the lack of reported cases is most likely that no one individual has the stamina and financial wherewithal to fight a developer.

RBC has the stamina, and, with the financial support it has already received from over 300 residents and your continued support, RBC has the resources to successfully stop WCI’s predatory actions against Pelican Landing homeowners. A significant amount of the legal and land use research work continues to be done pro bono by your RBC Team. Our attorneys have also given RBC a reduced not-for-profit rate.

For those who have already contributed, RBC thanks you.  For those who have not and for those who can give more, we ask for your support because this will not only be a long hot summer for our lawsuit but also for another attempted land use change for Raptor Bay similar to the February 3rd attempt at the Bonita Springs Council meeting. (see below for more information.)

With your continued financial support we are confident of a successful outcome for all PLCA homeowners. Thank you again for your continued support.
Your RBC Board

Bob Loos, president
Bruce Fennie
Barbara Craig

Directors of Residents For A Better Community Inc.

RBC Fundraising Campaign Continues
The legal fight to maintain the viability of our community requires money and expertise. We have hired Richard DeBoest to represent us in this challenge but need your contributions to pay for it. Please send your check made out to “Goede, Adamczyk Trust Account” (with “RBC” on the memo line) to

Richard DeBoest, Esq
2030 McGregor Blvd
Ft. Myers, FL 33901

Please include your name, email and home address on a separate piece of paper.
All contributions will remain anonymous and any funds not used will be returned pro rata. Thank you for your support!

Why funds are needed