PLCA Board Organizational Mtg

Congratulations to John Tomlinson and Clyde Knowles for their election to the board of directors at the PLCA Annual Meeting on 3/22/16. 

While our recommended candidate, Judy Neyhart, didn’t garner the support we hoped for, we thank her for running. Judy will continue to serve on the Unit Owner’s Committee and will represent our community well. 

We’re looking forward to working with Clyde and John in a refreshed spirit of outreach and cooperation. We all want to preserve our piece of Paradise here and will take them up on their commitment to inclusiveness and outreach for the benefit of all of us.  

We thank Larry McPherson for his time on the Board.

3 30 16 Organizational Meeting: Clyde Knowles, President; Shirley Withrington, Vice President; John Tomlinson, Treasurer; Jet Tipton, Secretary; David Caldwell, WCI Representative

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