Pelican Landing homeowners sue developer for control

Naples Daily News Article March 5, 2016

By Maryann Batlle of the Naples Daily News

From U.S. 41, the Pelican Landing community in south Lee County is walls, signs and gates.

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Excerpts:  The dispute between Pelican Landing residents and WCI has been building for years. What changed is that WCI is pursuing city of Bonita Springs permission to build up to four high-rises outside the gates on what is a golf course known as Raptor Bay today.

“That advanced everything,” said Bob Loos

“It became a point where you have to take a stand,” Loos said. “And it’s time to take a stand.”

WCI would bring those four high-rises into the Pelican Landing homeowners association, which would give people living in them access to all of the community’s amenities, Loos said.But those amenities, especially the Estero Bay beach, are over capacity, he said.

“They’re not evil,” said Craig, a retired university professor, about WCI. “They simply are what they are. They have no heart. They have no soul. They have profit. That’s what motivates them.”

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