Recommendation comes after yesterday’s Meet the Candidates Night

PLEASE VOTE FOR: Judy Neyhart:

We want to share our unqualified endorsement of Judy Neyhart for the Pelican Landing Board of DirectorsWe feel so strongly about ensuring Judy’s election to the board, we recommend you vote only for Judy, as casting a vote for a second candidate could diminish her chances of being elected. ( see the footnote about “bullet voting” for the rationale behind this recommendation)

When elected, Judy will help lead Pelican Landing through the turnover process and she will bring common sense to the day to day operations of our “small city”. Judy has worked tirelessly on behalf of the residents of Pelican Landing for well over a decade.  Judy is currently a Co-Chair on the Unit Owner’s Committee and she understands not only the issues before the PLCA Board, but also those concerns of the residents she has so ably represented.

Judy has the institutional knowledge, the command of the facts and the steely resolve to make things happen. She is determined to communicate with the residents and act on their collective best interests. She will build bridges not walls.

Please review Judy’s resume and pass this along to your friends throughout Pelican Landing and The Colony. And please cast your single vote for Judy.

Click here for Judy’s qualifications


We thank Clyde for his year of service on the PLCA board but his comments at yesterday’s Meet the Candidates Night clearly showed he will not represent the interests of the RBC, our supporters and Pelican Landing in general. Most importantly, he offers an inordinate amount of trust of WCI, trust we thought might be shaken when even he was surprised by their sudden rezoning request to build 4 towers in Raptor Bay. He stated that he has no interest in proactively working to protect the strain on our amenities that annexing more WCI property into Pelican Landing would create. His demeanor was tough, some say arrogant or combative, and not the style we need to reboot the governance of our community. He spoke of professionalism but has shown judgment lapses and lack of respect that are contrary to that.

WHAT ABOUT:  Joanne Holt and John Tomlinson?

Joanne and John are relatively new to full time living in our community and we are pleased that each wishes to serve as a member of the PLCA Board.  They each have impressive backgrounds and skills that can help us move the community forward. There are many positive attributes that each could bring to the board. But there are too many unknowns in their positions for our endorsement. We recommend that each do more research and flesh out their positions, especially as it relates to annexation and turnover. There is a lot at stake in this election and we can’t take chances.  A vote for either could dilute the chance of Judy getting elected which is why we strongly recommend voting only for her.

Candidates may seek to encourage bullet voting in certain situations. One example is where there is a Block voting election for two seats of the same office, and there are several candidates (say A, B, and C). Voters in such a situation typically have two votes. Candidate A encourages his voters to vote only for him and not use their second vote. If the second vote is cast for B or C, it helps A’s opponents. The situation is most pronounced where A is of one party and B and C are of another party. If voters from B and C’s party vote for them, while A’s partisans cast one vote for A and split their second vote between B and C, A is significantly disadvantaged.
Note that in our elections, the Hyatt hotel and the Hyatt’s Coconut Plantation timeshares cast 220 votes, typically as a block. The two golf clubs get another 32 votes. So two candidates could have a 252 vote hurdle to overcome if they are not chosen by these entities.
 In 2015, the two winners received about 1100 votes including these 252 “entity” votes. That block is a huge hurdle and, in a close election, could have a resident-favored candidate placing third because of these 252 “entity” votes. Which is why we recommend voting ONLY for Judy.

The voting instructions that came with your ballot says  “Once the Association receives your ballot, it may not be changed or withdrawn”.

However, Pelican Landing’s Annual Meeting and Election Procedures (PLCA Policy Document number 100.17) Click this link for the document that “a Meet the Candidates Night will be held prior to the mailing of the election materials”.

This is to ensure that a resident make an informed decision before choosing his/her representative on the board. Most residents received their ballots this past Saturday, before last nights event.

If you already submitted your ballot and have changed your mind on the selection of your candidate(s), we believe that you should be able to request a new ballot at the Pelican Landing Community Center and you can change your vote prior to the election on March 22nd. A quick check finds that there is nothing in Florida State Statues nor our Governing Documents that disallow this. Please let us know if you experience any problems




  1. First of all thanks to RBC for the report on the meeting with PLCA Board candidates. We attended the meeting and agree that Judy Neyhart has the qualifications and experience to give outstanding representation to all of Pelican Landing. Given WCI’s some 252 block of votes and Clyde Knowles stated support of WCI, it looks like these 252 votes won’t be going to the other 3 candidates. We really need to get out and vote to support Judy.

    Thank you Ray for your comments on the blog. We also think that JoAnne Holt is a good candidate. She has many excellent qualifications which will serve us well, and would be a great addition to the board.

    Thanks also Fred and Nancy Barowski for your letter concerning the issues surrounding turnover and the upcoming PLCA Board election, which was forwared on your behalf to all Navona residents. We hope the same is happening in all Pelican Landing communities.
    Getting the word out is so crucial to getting positive results in the upcoming election.

  2. Judy Neyhart is unquestionable qualified for the Board. She is well educated and expresses her positions in a logical and well spoken manner. She is someone I would trust to fulfil her moral and legal fiduciary obligations to the residents.
    Joanne Holt is better qualified for the Board than the two remaining candidates as she exhibited an open and analytical mind with experience in problem solving and familiarity with the Home Owners Association Florida Statute that defines the structure and responsibilities of a Home Owners Association.
    John Tomlinson did not understand that when I asked all the candidates why I should trust them to do what they said they would do to EARN my trust. His reply was that his trust level was much higher then my expectations and I should not be concerned. My personal judgement in this matter cannot be superseded by his judgement as only I know what is necessary to receive my trust. Maybe I read too much into his response but this election is too important to ignore my instincts.
    I asked all the candidates If they would follow the Florida Sunshine Law that requires all the financial records of the Association, including the salaries paid to employees and Marie Martel our General manger. I got a definite NO from Clyde Knowles, Concerns from Tomlinson and a need for more information from Holt. The question was simple and I said I was not interested in WHY you would violate the law as that would also violate your fiduciary relationship to the Association members. The law was enacted after considering all the same concerns raised at the meeting and the legislators relied on the fact that the Board Members had a fiduciary duty to the residents and no such duty to the employees. It may be a management problem but violating the law is not an option for a person who understands their moral and legal responsibility to the Association members.

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