Bonita Springs Comprehensive Plan

This past week the Bonita Springs City Council agreed to send the required letter acknowledging the fact that the city’s comprehensive plan requires changes necessary to reflect changes in the State’s requirements.  At this time no material changes have been made to the general  nature of the comprehensive plan.  (draft letter to DEO from City of Bonita Springs)

Beginning in March, the Local Planning Agency will hold workshops to consider recommended changes to the comprehensive plan.  As residents of this city we need to be vigilant as this process moves forward to assure that our city stays true to the current goals and that we do not “transform” into a city of concrete corridors.

This has everything to do with situations such as Raptor Bay where the golf course is attempting to morph into four (4) 20 story towers as well as the “bait and switch” at the old Weeks Fish Camp properties where the public access / Estero Bay Marina project has been scrapped and there is a pending application before the City of Bonita Springs to “scrap/transform” this public access project into a private residential development with another four (4) high-rise towers!