Suggested Response to PLCA Survey

URGENT: Have you responded to the Pelican Landing Board’s Survey Request? 
If not, please read on
As you review your response to the survey that the PLCA Board distributed to all homeowners, we suggest you do NOT choose any of the four choices given but go to the COMMENTS block and type one or both of the following:

Our reasoning for this request follows:

  • The PLCA Board sent the survey to the community with four options and a comment block. The PLCA endorsed Plan B in their letter to you.
  • Plan B in this recent survey is the same Plan originally submitted to the community by WCI. It was challenged by RBC since the Plan does not meet the requirements of our Documents. If a change is made from the design set out in our Documents, it  requires 100% of Voting Representatives to agree. Upon that challenge, WCI withdrew the Plan.
  • At the most recent Unit Owners Committee (UOC) meeting, a resident, who is also an expert on surveys, challenged the survey saying it was invalid as it did not include an option for “None of the Above”. He also pointed out that there was no way to measure the level of support (high, moderate, or low) a respondent had for his/her choice. He further stated that the Board’s endorsement of Plan B puts a strong bias in the survey.
  • Following these remarks by the resident survey expert, the UOC requested PLCA Board President McPherson (who was in attendance at the UOC meeting) to withdraw the survey until at least the above changes had been made.  He refused to do so, stating that there was a Comments box at the bottom in which residents could write “none of the above” if they wished that alternative. Note that the expert had noted that this is an unacceptable way to design a survey.
  • The Unit Owners Committee members (UOC), who also makes up the Voting Representatives in our Documents, and the Colony Residents Committee (CRC) turnover study groups are going over the alternatives suggested by WCI and are preparing to respond with thoughtful reactions and suggestions. They will work cooperatively with the PLCA Board Turnover Study Group to create a response to WCI that all could agree to. This is the deliberative process the WCI letter suggests and their letter specifically suggests such reaction should come from the UOC and CRC, as well as individual residents who wish to respond.
  • WCI in their letter states that it will review all suggestions and respond. The PLCA Board and Board Turnover Study Group have already had their opportunity for input to WCI. Now is the opportunity for the UOC (which has the final word if the Board design does not fit the Document’s requirements to accept or reject it).
  • Given a WCI request for a response by 2/26/16 and a 2/12/16 deadline for their survey response, RBC believes that the PLCA Board intends to use the rushed survey to support their recommendation. Again, we need to note that it does not fit the requirements of the Documents and thus is open to legal challenge and clear defeat.

Again, if you have not turned in your survey, please complete the survey by NOT selecting a Plan and writing in the Comments box: “NONE OF THE ABOVE” and/or “THIS IS A FLAWED SURVEY AND ITS RESULTS MEANINGLESS.”

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  1. Geri, thanks for sending all of these RBC messages put. There have been so many. I think it is important to get people to know what is going on. Unfortunately, I run into so many people who don’t know and totally unaware. Anne

    Anne L. Deggendorf Northampton, MA Bonita Springs, Fl


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