RBC helps win this battle!


We won the last battle…but the war wages on and fresh resources are urgently needed!

Last night, several hundred concerned citizens crowded into and around Bonita Springs City Hall. Dozens streamed from buses hired by the Residents for a Better Community, buses emblazoned with green banners and RBC members sporting green stickers and carrying signs of opposition. All were there to oppose WCI’s request to change the Comprehensive Plan and modify the zoning in Raptor Bay in order to build four 200-foot-high towers.  The media was there with several TV crews capturing the action and a reporter tweeting the action as it happened.

school bus at raptor bay hearing

After a long and vigorous stream of input from the CEO of WCI, WCI attorneys and expert witnesses, finally RBC leaders, our lawyer and an expert hired by RBC were able to make our case. The City Council voted 4-1 to deny the request for changes and sent the request back to the Zoning Board for further review. Mayor Ben Nelson was the sole dissenter. On our side were Council Members Peter Simmons, Mike Gibson, Bill Lonkart and our representative on the City Council, Steve McIntosh. Thank you all for your support! (Martin was absent and Slachta there by phone but with a daughter in the hospital in California did not make it to the vote)

RBC Attorney Ralf Brooks


credit: Scott McIntyre

If RBC were not there with the full and great support of hundreds of Pelican Landing residents and concerned neighbors and the incredible representation by RBC-hired attorney Ralf Brookes and DRI and Coastal High Hazard expert witness Dan Trescott, the game would be over and construction on these towers would be starting tomorrow.

So we won, right? Eh, not so fast. This is just the first hurdle. WCI stated that they would appeal the decision. They have a lot at stake and won’t let this stop them. They argue that the Annexation Agreement signed by Mayor Nelson in 2014 committed the City to rezone the land in exchange for WCI annexing the property into the City. It is estimated that WCI will be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their way. Count on it!

So what’s next?

First we need an urgent replenishment of our war chest. Attorneys and development experts, who RBC hired and who testified on our behalf, are very expensive. This could be a protracted fight so we need to plan, and fund, for the long haul.

Second, we need to grow the number of Pelican Landing and Colony residents who join RBC. You can help by forwarding the emails you receive to others, to give them a chance to subscribe and join our efforts. We have hundreds of subscribers now but there are thousands of residents.

Third, we need to keep the pressure up on the city zoning board to continue to support our position. And there will be hearings in February and March on the revisions to the Comprehensive Plan so we need a presence to assure that the Small Town Charm remains the focus of the Plan.

Next, we need to elect a mayor who is in support of our needs. Thankfully the two candidates, Steve McIntosh and Peter Simmons are with us on that.

Finally, we need to keep the pressure on the Pelican Landing Community Association Board, current and future, to push back on WCI’s suggested governance options on Turnover and develop a new board structure that serves the needs of the residents first and foremost. With a WCI-sympathetic PLCA president and board, we might  see WCI building and annexing 1,000 more residences (doors) into the PLCA with access to our beach and to our amenities.

Watch for more information on our collective efforts and please do your best to at least contribute and enlist more members for our cause.


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Our City Council representative, Steve Macintosh and Councilmen Peter Simmons, Mike Gibson and Bill Lonkart voted AGAINST WCI’s request to rezone Raptor Bay. If you can, send the same email to each of the council members – thanking them for their support
In a hurry? Simply cut and paste this into an email and send it to the email addresses below!
“I am a Pelican Landing resident and I strongly oppose the request by WCI to change the Raptor Bay zoning to build residential towers. Thank you so much for your vote to deny their request at the February 3rd City Council meeting”
Councilwoman Martin and Councilman Slachta were absent for the vote

COMMENT TO MAYOR NELSON   ben.nelson@cityofbonitasprings.org

Mayor Ben Nelson voted in favor of WCI’s request to rezone Raptor Bay. An email expressing your disappointment to him would be helpful 

In a hurry? Simply cut and paste this into an email and send it to the email addresses below!
“I am a Pelican Landing resident and I strongly oppose the request by WCI to change the Raptor Bay zoning to build residential towers. I’m disappointed in your vote to approve their request at the February 3rd City Council meeting. I hope that if this issue comes before you again, you will support the wishes of Bonita Springs residents and join the rest of the City Council in denying WCI’s rezoning request”
We need your contributions to support these efforts:
The legal fight to maintain the viability of our community will require money and expertise. We have hired Richard DeBoest to represent us in this challenge but need your contributions to pay for it. Please send your check made out to “Goede, Adamczyk Trust Account” (with “RBC” on the memo line) to
Richard DeBoest, Esq
2030 McGregor Blvd
Ft. Myers, FL 33901
Please include your name, email and home address on a separate piece of paper.
All contributions will remain anonymous and any funds not used will be returned pro rata. Thank you for your support!

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