Becoming Lauderdale

Editorial Opinion Naples News January 15, 2016

Wake up residents of Bonita Springs and Estero. A city of high-rises may be on the way.

My husband and I moved to Bonita Springs from Naples because of the overdevelopment in Collier by the water, and the way developers there stretched the legalities on what they built. We chose Bonita because things seemed more settled.

Yes there are high-rise clusters in Bonita Bay, and the Colony in Pelican Landing, but there is also open space, golf courses and wetlands. We even bought in a wonderful high-rise to enjoy those views.

But then, bam. We find out that just north of the Hyatt hotel, WCI has plans to tear up part of the Raptor Bay golf course and build four high-rises. And next to that there are plans to build several more high-rises on the former sleepy Weeks Fish Camp.

As many as eight high-rises, plus the Hyatt? A wall of concrete will block the sunsets. And what will happen to the fragile wetlands and Estero Bay?

WCI tells us that its plans have nothing to do with the Weeks land, which was public access and now may go private. But the Bonita Springs City Council should look at all this together.

The rezoning application for the WCI land is tentatively scheduled before the Bonita Springs City Council on Jan. 20. The big public comment hearing may be Feb. 3. Put these dates on your calendar and show up. The future of this beautiful area is at stake.

Diane Ketcham, Bonita Springs