Anne Cramer on February 27, 2015  response to Chip …re:  Will WCI trade Future Tower N and/or M for the Raptor Bay Units?

  • Regrettably my points must not have been clear since the message appears to have been missed or twisted. Responsible and previously anticipated growth can be managed through an open and transparent process. What we’ve been dealt is an unanticipated increase in usage which also appears to have opened the door for the potential annexation of Raptor Bay, the timeshare properties (and perhaps the old Weeks property as well?) into Pelican Landing. The devil is in the details which cannot be ignored. What we need is an elected board that makes far-reaching long-term decisions in the sunshine where the implications of deals can be openly vetted. This would allow Pelican Landing to thrive and, at the same time, alleviate the surprise factor and the mistrust.