FL Dept. of Health letter to PLCA 2/24/15 re: Food at Beach Park

Hello Marie,

As I have discussed with Tom and one of the residents who came in to meet with me, the key number here is 3000 gallons per day (GPD).  This is what your septic system was designed and installed to handle.

The 4 gallons per person is the estimated flow for visitors to the island using the facilities, 750 people at 3000 GPD.  No seating for food service.  This is what has been currently applied for with the grill.  Food service limited to grilling only as stated on the permit.  If the system were to go over 3000 GPD then it may go into failure and a repair permit would then need to be applied for.  Monitoring the well meter is the best way to watch your flows on a daily basis and not allow failure to happen.

Now for the future:

The following would need the required future  grease trap shown on the original plans for the snack bar, that was not installed.  This has not been applied for, but could be done with your system. See estimated flows below for restaurants operating 16 hours or less per day:

If seating is available and is single service food service (paper / plastic plates/ throw away dishes / no dish washing) this would be 20 gallons per seat = 150 seats max. at 3000 GPD

If seating is available and is full food service (China plates / dishes / dish washing) this would be 40 gallons per seat = 75 seats max. at 3000 GPD

Now, this would also need to be verified for future use with the Florida Department of Health Environmental Engineering department for your limited use well permit to see if they will approve        for food service seating.

Thank you,

Dustin J. Sabins

Environmental Supervisor I

Florida Department of Health Lee County

2295 Victoria Ave, #206

Fort Myers, FL 33901

Phone # (239)690-2100     Fax: (239)690-2101

Please Note: Florida has a very broad public records law. Most written communications to or from state officials regarding state business are public records available to the public and media upon request. Your e-mail communications may therefore be subject to public disclosure

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  1. Good post – unbiased very clear – 3000 gallons is the number not 750 not 250 not 1. I doubt i have used 4 gallons of water while on the beach over the last 10 visits let alone on one visit..

    Chicken Little the sky is not falling. – numbers don’t lie but liars use numbers – the anti PLCA faction is being exposed again as they were for trying to block the beach renourishment – trying to stop the Marina purchase – trying to eliminate the tennis Har Tru surface.

    • Not sure I get your logic. There are rules the Health Dept must adhere to before allowing food service to commence and thus PLCA/Hyatt must follow them as well. The post by Ms. Craig is recommended reading.
      I do not know any residents who are anti PLCA …since we are all property owners and members of the PLCA. Hopefully we will always have owners concerned with protecting our home values, making sure the community makes good decisions through an open process, and protecting the community from unnecessary liabilities. Because decisions are not always made “in the sunshine”, too often this lack of transparency results in the need for further scrutiny and subsequent labeling of any who question as naysayers, radicals, liars, spreaders of misinformation, etc. etc. etc. The pattern is disappointing yet predictable. Nonetheless a pattern of resistance on the part the Board for full disclosure/transparency and poor decision-making processes has been exposed and it continues.
      You also mention the beach renourishment … did you know that the beach renourishment application to the State of Florida “almost” allowed the public to use our Beach Park … if not for objections to specific wording the public (anyone arriving by boat/jetski/ferry) would have been able to use our facilities. There were also concerns regarding installation of groins – a common concern in coastal areas with multiple failed projects in coastal areas and initially deemed not allowable by Lee County.
      The details of the marina purchase speak for themselves (read the signed and notarized documents).
      The Tennis Center was producing illicit discharges into the lakes (ask the people at Palm Colony). Was there an effort to eliminate Har Tru or was the actual effort to get both tennis facilities (Tennis Center and The Colony Golf Club tennis courts) to fix the cause of the illicit discharge before the South Florida Water Management District shut them down?
      The sky is not falling however the continued lack of due diligence, sound legal advice, and the lack of transparency are valid reasons for concern.
      Rather than being fed incomplete information it would help if more residents were able to become informed through an open process rather than having to investigate and then be “labeled” by those who do not wish to answer to the residents but prefer to make decisions behind closed doors.
      Also – who are you?

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