the blast email today (Turnover Communication #11) contains the following statement:   “With respect to the Raptor Bay issue, when the Marina was purchased from WCI, there was agreement to move 200 units, authorized for The Colony, to Raptor Bay with the provision that these 200 units, when built, will be condos or single family homes and not timeshares.”

However, the Covenant that was signed and recorded just last October (almost 2 years after the Marina title closing) expressly states that the persons who can use the Beach Park from those 200 units can be “owners of any units including lots or condominium units, and the guests, invitees, licensees, lessees and transient renters of the owners of any such lots or condominium units . . . ”   A timeshare unit can be created as a condominium unit and by its very nature contains the persons specifically permitted under the Covenant!  Also, Pelican Landing Timeshare Ventures Limited Partnership property is specifically included within the defined Raptor Bay Property that is benefited by the Covenant.  Please point me to any of the documents – the Letter of Intent, the Contract of Sale, the Covenant, or any other – that states that the units may not be timeshares.

Isn’t the statement in the email blast directly contradicted by the language of the Covenant?