PLCA Board Candidates’ Night 5:30 pm Thursday Feb 19th Community Center!

This year’s election is particularly important!

There are four candidates running for two positions on the five member PLCA Board of Directors; which is the only At-Large, Community-wide vote for the only formal and legal representation of our Community.

Marvin Hancock              Peter Kane                  Jet Tipton           Shirley Withrington

You will receive their resumes in a “Voter Mailing” where you can return your vote by mail or bring it to the PLC Annual Meeting, March 24th at 9 AM also in the Community Center.


WCI will formally complete a final TURNOVER of Pelican Landing to the residents.  While most of the day-to-day management was turned over in 2002, the final legal ownership and determination of governing structure will be decided during the next 12 months.  Our Board will be negotiating with WCI to assure proper Unit Owner representation going forward.  In 2016, we will be asked for the first time to Vote for a 9 member Board of Directors, where the Hyatt, The Nest and Colony Clubs all may occupy a seat on the Board.  WCI may break up the unit-owner voting into “Voting Groups” based on density of occupancy.  We recently received survey asking if you preferred “Voting Groups” or “At-Large voting for future Board members. 95% of the returned questionnaires preferred “at-Large” voting.  So our 2015 Board members have some negotiating to do.  There are other issues to be finalized regarding the TURNOVER.  The PLCA Board of Directors is your legal representation in this matter.  So become an informed voter.

The COCONUT POINT MARINA Design Plans will also likely be finalized during the next 12 months.  Again our PLCA Board of Directors will be the final decision-makers on what we can expect there.  While all look forward to an improved look and functionality of The Marina, many questions remain unanswered.  THE COCONUT POINT MARINA was the biggest purchase this Community has ever made.  Many necessary repairs were completed and we await information regarding the cost to build a new structure.

The Board YOU ELECT will be making those decisions.  Of course they have solicited help from Community members, architectural & land use professionals and legal advisors…. But your input this year is important, and the Board members YOU ELECT will have an impact on the final outcome of this important investment.

While there are many others issues Community Voting should consider; the fiscal responsibility of the Board, the transparency of their actions, their responsiveness to Community input and our general look and feel as a top-level Community in Southwest Florida. These too should factor into your voting decisions.





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