To keep this message positive, you can be 100% positive that these two candidates running for the PLCA board are worthy of our support.  

                            MARVIN HANCOCK     and     PETER KANE

  • Both candidates are competent, experienced and have a proven track record of commitment to the community and the courage to stand up for what they believe.
  • Both fully understand that the role of an elected Board Member is to act on behalf of the best interests of the community they represent – they can be trusted to take this fiduciary duty seriously.
  •  Both are wise enough to know that it is appropriate to seek competent counsel and professional expertise when making decisions and acting on behalf of the community.
  • Both are committed to protecting the PLCA owner’s rightful use of the Beach Park, Marina and other amenities and would stand firm against any efforts to “negotiate” these rights away or to have them taken away.
  • Both are competent and familiar with all PLCA documents and would be the best choice to guide us through the Turnover process ahead (and fully understand that this process requires the advice of legal counsel experienced in HOA law).
  • Both are committed to bringing a cooperative element into the relationship between the Board and the Voting Representatives and the UOC.
  • Both are committed to the continuation of the UOC (or a like body post-Turnover) as the best structure to assure regular and meaningful neighborhood input into the Association decision making process.
  • Both are committed to bringing a truly representative government to our community.
  • Both have a real commitment to transparency, to open meetings, to real and timely communication with the UOC and the community and are fully committed to compliance with Florida Law.

Click on Marvin Hancock and Peter Kane’s names (above) to see their Statements of Candidacy

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  1. “UNOFFICIAL” is the operative word here. To be clear, neither of these candidates are sponsored by or supported be Pelican Landing Administration or the current Board of Directors.

    Both of these candidates are angry with the current PLCA Board and (opinion), I cannot see either of these candidates willing to work collaboratively with current Board members or PLCA Administration.

    Anger and mistrust are NOT what is needed in this important year.

    • Well, Chip, perhaps you have not spent enough time following the actions taken by this PLCA board. If you were aware of what goes on you would know that this PLCA board has repeatedly shown themselves to be inept and that they do not care if they adhere to our documents let alone the laws set out by the State of Florida. We need to begin to elect a new slate of board members ASAP — who actually are willing to perform their fiduciary duties! Yes, that would be refreshing! The current administration? Oh, please.
      I think you may need a healthy dose of the reality of the hear and now in Pelican Landing … since this board has done precious little to earn the trust of residents. (check out the insurance policy that covers them … minimal at best … then ask yourself why this is the case. OK? … or ask the board why … see if they will even respond.)

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