Village of Estero Election Information

The ECCL will be attempting to provide all of the available information about the upcoming Village of Estero election process as it becomes available. All this information is posted under the Incorporation Information link on the Estero Today home page.

Included under Council Candidates will be the background information and photos provided by the candidates. To date, there have been 7 residents from 4 districts who have announced their candidacy. We currently have information from 4 of those 7 candidates; we will post all additional candidate information as it becomes available.

Candidate qualifying information is also located on the Council Candidates page.

If you are an Estero resident running for council, please provide your information and a photo to Marilyn Edwards, so that it may be added to the ECCL website.

The ECCL is providing this information as a community service; in no way should it be considered an endorsement of any of the candidates.

You may also find out who the candidates are by going to the Lee County Supervisor of Elections’ website at

We now have three different district maps on the website under Estero District Maps. One map shows the communities which are located in each of the seven districts. All three maps can be magnified to either show the communities or the street names.

Key dates in the election process are available under Incorporation Information. As soon as dates and locations for the candidate forums are available, they will be posted there.

Keep referring back to this section for updated information.

Marilyn Edwards,
Communications Director