Comcast / Summit Cable Issues / & hi def.DTA Exchange!

email from Stiger, R. Barry to the PLCA Manager and BOD
At the last PLCA Board meeting it was reported that PLCA was looking into hiring a consultant regarding our negotiations for a new service provider for our residents.  BE WARY OF HIRING THE CONSULTANT THAT PELICAN BAY HIRED!  One of the providers we have been negotiating with is Summit Cable.  I have previously notified you of Summit’s service roll-out at Pelican Bay, which continues to go poorly.  In addition to insolvency issues which may require  a bailout by its principal shareholder, a Bahamian cable company, it has become clear to some residents of Pelican Bay that its negotiating team may have put too much focus on the fiber optic cable installation while not paying attention to the technology at the sending and receiving ends of the system.  You can connect 20 year old DVRs to state of the art fiber optic cable, and you end up with 20 year old levels of service.  Likewise, if you don’t have redundancy of servers on the sending end, it doesn’t matter that you have modern, state-of-the-art fiber optic cable.

Also, on the Comcast side you should be aware that Comcast is now exchanging, for no cost, the nasty little DTA low definition boxes that we use for our ancillary TVs for High Definition DTA boxes, which enable the user to access all the high definition stations in the 400 range without having to lease the costly DVR boxes.  I don’t recall Comcast having publicized this change, which provides all televisions in the home with a high definition signal!  All residents should be encouraged to make this exchange because they will no longer have to suffer with the small, lower definition picture that the outmoded DTAs provide.  As I informed you previously, while the Comcast “high definition” doesn’t match the DirectTV clarity, these new little HD DTA boxes are quite an improvement.  Whichever new providers you are negotiating with should certainly provide the same or better service than Comcast.

To remind you, here is my prior email to you:

Here is additional information from a Pelican Bay resident.  Apparently Summit Cable has lost the contractor doing the Pelican Bay installation.   Also, those residents already installed, as well as The Vineyards, have recently suffered a system wide shutdown (apparently due to lack of redundancy) as well as reporting many DVRs that do not properly record (due to being supplied with inferior equipment).  The largest shareholder of Summit is apparently a Bahamian cable company, probably operating on a shoestring, most likely trying to gain entry in the US market with hopes of being bought out at a premium.  I’m told that residents who call the Pelican Bay representatives (probably the consultant) involved in the Summit roll-out to complain are told that everything is fine and proceeding as planned, so be careful who our representatives speak with.

I have no horse in this race.  I don’t particularly like many aspects of Comcast’s equipment, policies, performance, procedures and rates.  My Direct TV is far better (and includes real 1080 reception unlike Comcast), except when it rains, but it doesn’t provide wireless.
We need to be very wary of Summit Cable

One thought on “Comcast / Summit Cable Issues / & hi def.DTA Exchange!

  1. Comcast is very good at selling services that its infrastructure is incapable of delivering to the number of customers that they serve (and I use that term loosly). They are also very good at leading associations by the nose. Clearly those skills got them 5 more years of PLCA support the previous time that our contract expired.

    Is Summit any better? I don’t know the answer to that but I do know that the coax network installed here twenty years ago is completely obsolete.

    So the question on the table must be what is the best deal available that gets Pelican Landing a fiber network with an adequate front end?

    If Comcast wants to propose something they should be given consideration commensurate with their customer satisfaction ratings here.

    If not, and no other qualified vendors are interested, then PLCA should get out of this amenity and let each resident negotiate their own deal with whoever they choose. Split the business between Comcast, Century link and DirectTV. Perhaps with our business split among the three competing delivery systems available here, for the first time in a decade, we can finally get the service that we pay for.

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