The Village of Estero December 31, 2014

Dear Estero Residents:

As you now know, the Estero incorporation referendum passed by a resounding 86 percent, with 12,234 residents voting for incorporation and 1,957 voting against.

The Village of Estero will become official on Wednesday, December 31, 2014.

The Estero Council of Community Leaders Board of Directors wants to thank you all for the tremendous support given to the incorporation of Estero.

Many of you solicited signatures for the petitions to have the referendum placed on the ballot, as well as encouraged your friends and neighbors to vote on this important issue.

Without your tireless support, the Village of Estero could not have been established.

We thank you.

Nick Batos, Chairman
Jim Boesch, Transportation Director
Phil Douglas, Environment Director
Marilyn Edwards, Communications Director
Don Eslick, Chairman Emeritus
Howard Levitan, Vice Chairman, Government Relations Director
Bob Lienesch, Finance Director
Roger Strelow, Community Planning Director
John Goodrich, Chairman, Incorporation Committee

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