City Council Rubber Stamps Beach Park Bingo

As expected, the City Council Rubber Stamped the “special exception” to the zoning of our Beach Park allowing food and beverage service – including the approval of PLCA’s request for a full liquor license (4COP). Two residents spoke regarding the lack of environmental impact studies, the potential ramification to this fragile sand bar (think septic tank and well) as well as the commercialization of this resource protected area. Little regard for these issues was shown by Council who appeared poised to reward the Hyatt for their voluntary annexation into the City.

Video of City Council Meeting
(fast forward the progress bar to 47 minutes into the meeting to see the PLCA Beach Park portion)

The video of the PLCA Beach Park portion of the Council meeting is worth watching. You will note that after public testimony, Board Member Murphy attempts to correct the Pelican Landing Attorney’s representation/obfuscation of the number of beach park visitors. It would be laughable if it didn’t clearly demonstrate the systemic disregard for transparency. FYI: months ago our Board approved a 25% increase in the No. of island visitors allowed at the Beach Park from 480 to 600. This will change our governing documents – the settlement agreement. Logically, this poses 2 questions: (l) Will people stay longer and imbibe more with the addition of food service, wine, bear, and island style drinks? Perhaps. (2) Will the increased number of visitors and the availability of food and drink increase the usage of the toilet facilities? Really?

Is this a slam dunk? Maybe not since there are environmental issues to be considered. Where are all the environmentally conscious residents?

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  1. Get ready for a very expensive to the septic system and guess who will be paying for it.

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