Anyone Interested? Long Range Planning …

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We get the governance we deserve. Lack of interest by good people, with honorable motives, in the running of the affairs of their community, creates a vacuum of leadership that invites men of low character into the fray.
I think it was Ben Franklin who warned us of such a possibility, and it’s in evidence locally, nationally, and, I’m sorry to say, right in our backyard here in PL.

How about we make the proposition less onerous by long range planning? It can be done. However, it requires your interest, and a small commitment of time. A small trade-off for an honest board, with the idea of transparency, professionalism, and no more ‘summer surprises’ secretive management.
Anyone interested?

One thought on “Anyone Interested? Long Range Planning …

  1. Agreed. This community requires long-range planning by an independent-minded group. If composed properly, this entity could dramatically curtail the reactive shoot-from-the-hip style of management and back-door deals we are seeing with increased frequency. This group would look objectively at the current status of our community and contribute useful 3-5-10 year recommendations to sustain Pelican Landing as a desirable and well-managed community.
    A change of board members along with the establishment of a long-range planning group would be a correct step forward.

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