Frustrated Comments:
Having just received notice that the resale capital assessment fee has been almost doubled to $2,500 by arbitrary action of our esteemed Board of Directors, I’m curious to know whether this action was sent to the UOC for consideration and a recommendation. Was there a survey taken to obtain the views of the members? No, of course not. I guess that the opinions of the actual owners of PLCA don’t matter to this Board.

I feel that this fee is a random, arbitrary and unauthorized theft of our money, bearing no relationship to the administrative expenses of enrolling a new member (the property buyer) in the Association. Will it also apply to transfers by gift, by will upon death or for estate planning purposes where no money is being paid? Under what authority did the Board pass this new theft of our hard earned money? Aren’t the members entitled to vote on a significant change in our governing documents?

Perhaps most important, the vast sums that accumulate via this exaction create a huge slush fund (millions of dollars!!) for the Board to utilize arbitrarily for capital projects that otherwise would require member approval. However you feel about those individual projects, what’s wrong with requiring member input and approval of the pickle ball courts, the marina purchase and redevelopment, the expanding use of our formerly “pristine” beach, etc.?

Will the arrogance of this Board ever be controlled? I understand that most of us are retired and would like nothing to do with governing this place, but that is a sure road to tyranny.

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