Things That We Can Do

Further to the prior post from Margot Hill, here is a link to a comprehensive document Margot prepared Things That We Can Do

Residents should know that Margot Hill volunteered to be a member of the Privacy Advisory Group yet they chose another resident. Following is an excerpt from her BIO
Deputy Superintendent Margot H. Hill, (Retired), was a member of the Boston Police Department from 1987-2007, and held the ranks of patrol officer, detective (Sexual Assault Unit, where she was named Detective of the Year in 1989), patrol sergeant, sergeant detective, lieutenant, lieutenant detective, and deputy superintendent.

In 1995 she was tapped by Commissioner Paul Evans to create a CrimeStoppers program for the Boston Police. She worked extensively with the NYPD through Commissioner William Bratton to model the Boston program on the NYC CrimeStoppers program. The Boston CrimeStoppers program won three national awards in its first two years of operation. From 1996-2000, as a member of former Police Commissioner Paul Evans’ senior staff, Hill was the Media Liaison and Department spokesperson. When promoted to Lieutenant in 2000, Hill was named Commander of the Domestic Violence Unit, and held that assignment until 2004, when appointed by Police Commissioner Kathleen O’Toole as Deputy Superintendent of the Family Justice Division of the Bureau of Investigative Services, overseeing the Domestic Violence Unit, the Sexual Assault Unit, the Crimes Against Children Unit, and the Human Trafficking Unit.

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  1. If you’re going to do things in secret you can’t have people that might disagree.

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