A number of resident may consider food and beverage service at the beach desirable. And, some may think that a full liquor license and live music may seem desirable. Nonetheless, any such venture should first require full disclosure, evaluation, and resident buy-in before amending our Governing Documents and expediting an application through the Zoning/City approval process. Prior to embarking on any such venture an agreement between the Hyatt and the PLCA should be in place and should outline each party’s responsibilities, control, liability, as well as a method to reduce services or terminate the agreement should it not work out as expected. To date, no such agreement exists.

Verbal or written assertions are interesting but zoning, permit applications, and draft changes to the PLCA Governing Documents provide the proof.

Food and beverage service at the Beach Park —
Why did the PLCA Attorney add a full liquor license to the application (by his own admission) at the last minute? Who is Mr. Hart representing and is there a conflict of interest?
Why is there no record of the Board authorizing this application for a special exception to the Beach Park Zoning?
Why are we playing catch-up again … on another extremely important and “secretive” Board decision?
Why is this occurring when a majority of residents are absent?
Has anyone taken the time to consider the unintended consequences, potential costs and liability?

Respectfully submitted by Anne Cramer

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  1. Anne–you couldn’t have said it any better. It irks me that they could do this in the middle of July when the residents are not here. This was done on purpose…as we all know.

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