Annexation Results from the ECCL


Bonita Springs’ Annexation Referendum Results

We are happy the vast majority of the residents of Pelican Landing and The Colony appreciate the many advantages that the Village of Estero offers to them when they voted to reject annexation by the City of Bonita Springs in order to be able to participate in the Estero incorporation referendum this fall.   We are confident that they will be happy with this decision as the community continues to grow and prosper.

We plan to keep everyone involved and informed about the Estero Incorporation process. 

The ECCL will be conducting new Incorporation Workshops for all residents, presenting detailed information about the economic feasibility of a Village of Estero, the form of government, and the impact of future growth, so that residents may make an informed choice in November 2014.    

We also intend to continue working closely with the City of Bonita Springs on issues of importance to the region, such as the South Lee County Hospital and the Bonita Springs Estero Economic Development Committee.

We also want to thank those residents in The Colony and Pelican Landing who reached out to their neighbors in an effort to inform them of the benefits of a Village of Estero.  They include: Mike Kelly, Jack Polsenberg, Ben Korbly, Howard & Nancy Cohen, Dave Clifford, Lee Denson, Vicki Olson, Dick St. Jean, Bill Ribble, Bob Luttrell, Wayne Godsey, Rick Anderson, Anne Cramer, Jack Lienesch and Jack Miciak.    

Nick Batos

ECCL Chairman

For information about the ECCL and the incorporation referendum, go to