Marina Restrictions on resident-owned kayaks and sailboats

The best way to be heard is to go to the next PLCA Board meeting and present your case for your personal kayak/paddleboard/etc. (meetings are the third Wednesday of each month at 9:00 a.m.)

During the November meeting PLCA President, Larry McPherson, and Marie Martel (Association Manager) stated that resident-owned sailboats and kayaks are not permitted to use the ramp at the marina “until they see what the traffic is”.

Perhaps with a reasonable explanation, the board can be persuaded this is less than fair.  Kayaks in particular are quick and easy to launch and very maneuverable.  A very strong argument relates to the PLCA owned sailboats and kayaks.  Can the Board provide a reasonable explanation describing what makes it acceptable for a resident to use the Coconut Point Ramp to launch and enjoy PLCA owned sailboats and kayaks yet the same resident is being denied the ability to launch and enjoy their personally owned kayak or paddle board?

2 thoughts on “Marina Restrictions on resident-owned kayaks and sailboats

  1. It would be helpful if management would kindly request the marina staff move their personal autos away from the boat ramp area and park in the designated employee parking lot. This would allow more space for their employers (aka the residents) to temporarily park, unload their kayaks/boats, etc., and then park along the side of the road for whatever length time the member(s) are on the water enjoying our beautiful marina amenity.

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