Has Bonita asked the non-registered voters for consent to annexation?

Does anyone know if the City of Bonita Springs has asked any of the non-registered voters (residential property owners) in the proposed “red box” annexation area for their to consent to the annexation?  Florida Law seems to require that a certain percentage of these non-voting owners consent before this can go to referendum yet there has been no indication of any residential property owners receiving such a request from the City of Bonita Springs. Has anyone out there received such a request?

3 thoughts on “Has Bonita asked the non-registered voters for consent to annexation?

  1. The CDD showed its personnel preference for splitting the Pelican Landing Community into two separate governmental entities by not supporting the opportunity for the residence to vote. Having Pelican Landing under one governmental identity is a benefit to all of Pelican Landing – it will cost all PLCA residence more in legal fees an management expenses if PLCA has to operate under two governmental entities – perhaps there is a personal vendetta by certain CDD board members against PLCA – look at the past to predict the future.

    • Clearly the above writer is not aware of the facts.
      1. Pelican Landing has been operating as two under two separate entities for approximately 14 years. The annexation area has been separate since the time Bonita became a city. This is nothing new.
      2. The current situation has not cost PLCA anything more … nor will it in the future should the referendum fail.
      3. Read the PLCA communications and go to some of the board meetings, clearly it is the PLCA board and manager that continue to malign the CDD. In fact the PLCA board has bad-mouthed the CDD for at least the last year and a half … one has to wonder why …

      It would help if residents would become knowledgeable and open their eyes to what is really going on here.

  2. The crazy thing is – they tried to get the Bayside CDD to consent to the annexation in order to achieve the consent % they need to move forward with the referendum.
    The Bayside CDD is a governmental entity that doesn’t pay a cent in taxes.
    The CDD graciously remained neutral and have left it up to the tax paying property owners to decide.

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