Privacy and Reality in Pelican Landing

Bill Hill Comments: Just got my email from our Security Unit with news of some missing property taken from a home in Capri. Maybe the next project they could start to work on would be a moat around the perimeter. This moat could could be included in Security’s multi thousand dollar proposal to gate the walkin entrance sidewalks. This moat could serve a dual purpose by being constructed in a manner capable of handling the excess rain water that flooded the place this past summer.

Another possible project that, while not being politically correct in Obama’s America in 2013, might be considered by our Security staff would be to investigate the credentials of the hundred or more illegal aliens who enter the community every day and wander freely throughout the streets and yards as quest workers without scrutiny. Perhaps the contractors who bring them in should have to face an identification process and post a bond. Since my family and friends have to submit to an identification process at the gates before they are allowed to enter Pelican Landing and come to my home and in fact I myself must submit to an identification process before I can enter the high rent area in The Colony from my home on the other side of the tracks it seems not unreasonable for Security to protect us from the daily influx of illegal aliens who enter Pelican Landing.

3 thoughts on “Privacy and Reality in Pelican Landing

  1. I, knowing the victim of the Capri burglary mentioned in this post, can tell you that the holes in the security of Pelican Landing’s perimeter are as big as the fence that surrounds it. Along with the many ways to illegally enter the community, security has no clue as to the background, business or whereabouts of the people who work and visit Pelican Landing on a daily basis and enter thru the front gates. And they certainly don’t know who leaves the community or when, since they don’t record any of this information. Their cameras work about half of the time and the pictures and license plate info are blurred beyond recognition.
    They only know, or assume, who is listed as driving the vehicle. They don’t have any knowledge of the identity of who’s riding along. The patrol is inadequate and the criminal investigation procedures of the Lee County Sheriff’s Dept. is next to nil. At the time of the burglary and three weeks both sides of this incident, neighbors had employed as a painting contractor a convicted felon who served time for illegally entering and theft from a jobsite and was ordered never to work in Lee County again. His alibi included a visit to his probation officer the afternoon of the burglary. To date, no one from the Lee County Sheriff’s Dept. has verified his story with the Probation Dept in Collier County. Within 3 weeks of this burglary another occurred in Pelican Landing totalling $50.000. in jewelry and also a “theft” in the Colony two weeks later of a sizable amount of cash double that amount. A Capri board member tried to downplay this burglary to the PLCA board in a UOC meeting and keep it hush-hush. What do you think? Feel safer? They are misleading all of us with a false sense of security. Lock your doors, you may be next!
    Rich Kimball

  2. Rather than rely on PLCA to monitor private contract laborers shouldn’t the property owner take on that responsibility, after all it is the property owner bringing in the workers – so let’s not rely on Obama to take on our own responsibility – the solution to big government begins in your home. Require your contractors to be licensed – bonded and employing credentialed employees.

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