More Rules – Marina Restrictions ???

Ok, let’s talk about the marina and whether or not this is an amenity that was paid for with our funds and therefore belongs to the residents!

Margot Hill Comments:  Why can’t I launch my paddle board from there? Or my kayak? Why is it reserved only for boats (that pay extra)?
What if I had a friend who wanted to go for a boat ride one day, maybe do a little fishing, and I took my whaler down to the ramp….could I launch from there, or do I have to dock it there, too when I’d rather keep it in my garage?

Why can’t I show my ID, put my quiet, environmentally acceptable paddle board in the water a enjoy a leisurely afternoon on the bay?

So many “no exceptions” rules…..

3 thoughts on “More Rules – Marina Restrictions ???

  1. As i understand it this restriction on launching non motorized craft such as kayaks is only temporary until they get the marina work completed and have staff in place to supervise. Makes sense to me.

  2. Like everything else management is still managing the Pelican Landing Community Association as though it was still part of a corporation (WCI) and not a Home Owners
    Association controlled by state staututes and not WCI. Maybe the manager who is an ex-employee of WCI did not notice this change!

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