Update: Bayside CDD Actions – Lake Levels Lowered

As reported last week, The Bayside CDD was granted an emergency temporary permit by the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) to pump water from the lakes and marsh areas of Pelican Landing (pump located at the end of Black Rush Court in Longlake adjacent to Cypress Island).

The pump ran continuously resulting in a drop in the water level to approximately the desired control level.  The water levels in the Longlake and Waterside neighborhoods are reduced as well.  Earlier today (9/27/13) the pump was shut down and this equipment will be removed over the weekend.

In the meantime the engineers are reviewing specific areas to ensure the drainage structure elevations are set properly and the pipe sizing is correct.  The Bayside CDD and Management Company will address these engineering studies to evaluate and act on preventative measures to assure this will not occur under similar rainfall conditions in the future.

2 thoughts on “Update: Bayside CDD Actions – Lake Levels Lowered

  1. Does anyone know why the the two water hydrants by sand piper were running water in to the streets and sewers this morning?

    • To help replacethe water they were pumping out of the lakes in order to keep the level at flood stage.

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