Road Resurfacing Project

The new roads look nice and are generally smooth.  It is too bad that the double yellow lines were applied when a single white line would have been sufficient.

At the August BOD meeting, the board chair acknowledged that “they did not read the fine print”, thus missing the bit about the lines. Shouldn’t SOMEONE have read the contract’s “fine print”?! The Pelican Landing manager, our attorney, the board’s road project liaison? Instead, it was left to the road resurfacing company’s “engineer”, who doesn’t live here and apparently did not consider – or did not ask – whether double yellow lines were appropriate for a private community like ours.
But most of all, it’s concerning that a huge project like this went along without SOMEONE looking out for details that may not have been in Pelican Landing’s best interests.

Name (or an alias): Road Kill

5 thoughts on “Road Resurfacing Project

  1. It could’ve been stopped the day they did it, or before they did it. It’s hideous, and they should do what they can to remove it. Double yellow lines on Goldcrest is absurd, and I would have the engineer come back and pave it over. How do they get these people- RFPs or a bidding process? Or is it a friend of someone’s….hmmmm!
    what I find so amazing is that they sent out long emails about the project, and incorporated in those explanations and road closure notifications should’ve been something about line painting, right? How did they miss that if someone was ‘on it’ so closely as to warn the residents of the roadwork?

  2. It is beyond my comprehension that the road resurfacing project was done at all. The roads were in fine shape before – it just looks like a bad use of OUR money. There were a few small areas involving pavers for cross walks that needed attention, but that’s about it.

    • How often does it happen…we have people making important decisions for the community that fail in the most fundamental way.

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