Estero Incorporation Financially Feasible!

The ECCL is pleased to announce that the recently completed Feasibility Study shows incorporation would benefit Estero residents.

The Estero Incorporation Feasibility Study clearly shows that it is financially feasible for Estero to become a municipality.

The BJM Consulting, Inc., report forecasts large surpluses for each of the first five years of the Village’s operations assuming no change in the present property tax rate.  Average annual revenues for the first five years are forecast to equal $9 million while total annual expenses would be about $5.7 million, for an average annual surplus of $3.3 million.

The primary reason for the annual surpluses is Estero’s large property tax base, over $5 billion that is the result of the many large commercial properties and upscale communities.  Annual average property tax revenue for the 2016-19 periods is forecast to be $4.3 million, or 47% of total Village revenue.

Estero has long been a donor community, sharing its resources with the other unincorporated Lee County communities.  Incorporation will permit Estero’s tax dollars to be spent in the Estero community.

A fact sheet and the complete study is available on our web site at

Nick Batos, ECCL Chairman