Competition to build a hospital in Estero

Interesting … Lee Memorial didn’t wanna do it … until HMA (Health Management Associates) announced plans to move some of its hospital resources from Lehigh Acres to the Bonita Springs/Estero area.

Now Lee Memorial Health Systems seems to be feeling some pressure as they are driven by HMA’s move to file a plan for a south Lee hospital.

This is all good for us in Pelican Landing — hopefully.  As was stated in todays Naples News “we trust that the volume of initiatives will signal a sense or urgency rather than lead to gridlock as state officials consider which ones are allowed to proceed”.

Let us all in Pelican Landing fully support the initiative to build a hospital considerably closer in proximity to us. We need to gather together to express our support. In order to enact a cohesive effort, the participation of our PLCA Board will be of tremendous help as is an effort to embrace and join forces with organizations such as the ECCL as well as other gated communities such as The Brooks, Bonita Bay, and many of the smaller communities.  Together we can have a strong influence.


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