How Does PLCA Select the Charities Residents Allegedly Sponsor?

I wonder if anyone can tell me how PLCA picks the charities we allegedly sponsor?  I say allegedly, because the charities they claim we all support, I don’t.  I’m not a fan of Habitat, as they never seem to build homes for the folks I consider most deserving, and that is our wounded or disabled veterans and their families. There is also too little info available on the homes they have given to people, and what became of those homes and people.

The United Way is an organization I’ve long had suspicions about.  They have huge executive salaries, and it’s almost like giving to the federal government. You never know where the money goes…

Why doesn’t the Board ask for nominations from the people, via the website for charities we can all get behind?  Every five years seems a good time frame for voting for those charities on the nominations list, and the list can stay active.  The three charities with the most votes get the nod for PLCA sponsorship and one of the charities should always be local.  I’d like to see the Naples Women’s Shelter up there, as well as the Wounded Warriors.

Anyone else share my concerns?

submitted by:  Margot Hill

3 thoughts on “How Does PLCA Select the Charities Residents Allegedly Sponsor?

  1. While I am not a volunteer for Habitat I don’t think they eliminate veterans from their list of prospective beneficiaries. We don’t donate to United Way because of the salaries they pay the administrators. And we too don’t support charities that support abortions. We support and volunteer at Salvation Army and some other charities as well as one in Haiti. It’s up to the individual to pick and choose the charities that match their beliefs and goals. Maybe Margot should ask the PLCA board what the criteria are for selection.

  2. Margot presents a very good idea for nominations of charities and a resident vote on a scheduled basis. Currently the selection process for PLCA supported charities appears to be reactive with no distinct format. Perhaps the Voting Representatives on the UOC will recommend a procedure that will be incorporated in the future.

  3. Hello Margot,

    Do what we do. Contribute directly to the charities of your choice. For example, we won’t contribute to charities that regive to organizations that support abortions such as ….

    Larry Sheker

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