Re: The-Banner Article: Bonita Springs to Consider Possible Annexation of Pelican Landing

Submitted by Bernie Cramer

An organization called “Vote Estero” has been pushing for incorporation of a proposed Village of Estero.  This grassroots organization made a presentation to the ECCL Board (Estero Council of Community Leaders) on January 25th.   The ECCL requested they provide definitive information regarding their plans/processes/proposals. At the same time, the ECCL Board decided to reinstitute the Annexation/Incorporation Study Committee to review their information. The Annexation/Incorporation Study Committee of the ECCL will be meeting to discuss proposals or information regarding incorporation from “Vote Estero” once they provide the information regarding their plans/processes/proposals for incorporation.

As a result of the latest efforts of Vote Estero, the Bonita City Council is now discussing the possibility of annexing unincorporated areas of Pelican Landing.  During their regular bi-weekly meeting Wednesday evening, Bonita City Council member McIntosh, who lives in Pelican Landing, said that about a fifth of Pelican Landing homeowners that live north of the city limits should be given the chance to decide if they’d rather live in the city of Bonita Springs.  An article describing the recent City Council meeting (click on the following link to read) was printed in the-Banner:

In short, the Bonita Springs City Council directed the city’s staff to prepare a recommendation on the processes needed to present the alternatives of annexation to the Estero residents of the Pelican Landing/Colony communities.

In the meantime, the ECCL Board has issued the following statement regarding the petition campaign started by Vote Estero:

Fellow Residents of Estero,

Please take a minute to read the included press release that we are sending to the press and residents of Estero.

We hope you consider our recommendations as we feel this is an important, complex issue that takes years to complete. It needs to be approached thoughtfully with widespread community information dissemination and input. That is why ECCL has reactivated our Annexation/Incorporation Study Committee.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours Truly
Nick Batos — Chairman
Estero Council of Community Leaders (ECCL)



ECCL Committee to Review Incorporation Issue

ESTERO, FL, Feb. 5 – The Estero Council of Community Leaders’ (ECCL) Chairman Nick Batos announced today that the ECCL has reinstituted its Annexation/Incorporation Study Committee to review an incorporation proposal put forward by a group called Vote Estero.

Once the Committee has completed its review, it will make a recommendation to the ECCL Board for their approval. In turn, the Board’s recommendation will be presented to the full ECCL membership at a future regular monthly meeting. It also will be available to all Estero residents on the ECCL web site

The ECCL has been informed that Vote Estero will soon be initiating a petition drive asking residents to sign a petition supporting incorporation of Estero, as well as soliciting funds to support their efforts.

ECCL believes that such a petition drive is premature until the ECCL Board has received and acted upon the Annexation/Incorporation Study Committee recommendations. ECCL encourages all Estero residents not to sign any incorporation petition or financially support Vote Estero until the ECCL Board has acted on the Vote Estero proposal.

The ECCL Committee has asked Vote Estero for definitive information about their incorporation efforts, such as detailed budgets on municipal services to be offered, costs of spending on such services, capital requirements, County services to be continued or discontinued, and form of government recommended. The Committee is awaiting such information so that it can make an informed recommendation to the ECCL Board of Estero.

The Annexation/Incorporation Study Committee is chaired by ECCL Vice-Chairman and Government Director John Goodrich and includes ECCL representatives from 17 different Estero communities.