BOD meeting discussions Oct 17 2012 Beach Restoration, Marina Purchase, Road Resurfacing

On Wednesday October 19th the PLCA Board met for their monthly meeting.  During the 2 hour and 20 minute meeting three important long-term, high-dollar projects were touched upon – with astonishingly little discussion.  Audio clips of these agenda items follow:

Beach Restoration  Click on the following highlighted text to listen to the audio clip.      click here: Beach Restoration Project discussion during Oct 17 PLCA Board meeting                          Paul Erhardt, the WCI appointed board member (not a property owner) is spearheading the beach restoration project.  (This multi million dollar project with long-term financial implications and undetermined liabilities received less than 4 minutes of talk time with not one question from any board member.)

Coconut Point Marina: Click on the following highlighted text to listen to the audio clip. click here: Coconut Point Marina discussion during Oct 17 PLCA Board Meeting                New Board Member, Larry McPherson, is spearheading the due diligence with Community Manager Marie Martel and PLCA attorney Tom Hart. (less than 3 minutes of consideration expended on this discussion) FYI:  Outside of a board meeting, on 9-13-12 PLCA President, John Duder, signed a letter of intent to purchase the Coconut Point Marina from WCI. This action was not discussed during the 9-17-12 Board meeting.  It was not until 9-27-12 that residents became aware of this purchase offer when we received notice of a “special” meeting to be held on October 4th to “discuss” this purchase.  During the 10-4-12 meeting the board approved a motion to sign a purchase contract.  Prior to the board meeting, on the morning of 10-17-12, PLCA President John Duder signed an “as is” contract to purchase the Marina with a 60 day due diligence period. (Why did he not take this action during the board meeting?) A community meeting is  scheduled for December 4th to finalize the purchase.

Street Repairs and Road Overlay (approximately 13 miles of road):                                 click here: Road Repairs Resurface Engineer approved during Oct 17 PLCA board meeting                                                                                                                                                              Board Member, Jim Murphy, is spearheading this project. (approx. 6 minute discussion).     No explanation was given for the need to resurface roads that should have another 5 years of life expectancy. To review the 2013 budgeted reserve account for roads click here: Grounds2013 draft budget (roads,seal coat,etc).

Do our Board of Directors have questions on these issues they would like to share with the residents who will pay for these decisions? Or, do they have no questions?

It is also noteworthy that the PLCA has never allocated dollars to a reserve account for the repair and replacement of the storm drains and now they want to “transfer” the ownership of these (expensive to replace) infrastructure elements to the CDD’s.

Do we have enough dollars in the kitty to pay for all of this?  If not, are special assessments warranted? Valid questions are not being adequately and openly addressed by the board of directors and property owners are being treated as though we have no skin in the game.

One thought on “BOD meeting discussions Oct 17 2012 Beach Restoration, Marina Purchase, Road Resurfacing

  1. Calculating: an “as is” contract for the Marina?; unknown future beach costs?; road work 5 years early?; unknown future costs to maintain and replace storm drains not reserved for?

    $ 1,500,000.00 Beach Restoration initial cost (with undefined future costs and liabilities)
    $ 700,000.00 Coconut Point Marina “as is” purchase
    ???,???.00 Renovate or replace current building at marina (if Lee County would allow)
    ???,???.00 Repair and maintenance of Docks that have been neglected
    ???,???.00 install sewer line or septic system at Marina (if Lee County would allow)
    ???,???.00 dredging marina to allow full use
    ???,???.00 maintaining the 70 channel markers, ? dredging of the channel areas
    $ ?,???,???.00 Road Overlay–13 miles of road; 5 years early!
    $ ?,???,???.00 storm sewers: cost to fund a reserve account that PLCA neglected to establish?
    ???,???.00 tennis court remediation (eliminate discharge of clay-laden storm water runoff)
    $ ?,???,???.00 Total (residents need to have a better understanding of these costs)

    While it is difficult to place a dollar value on certain unknown costs, it is not a stretch to understand these are significant expenditures and future commitments The unknown possible expenses and liabilities are of considerable concern..

    As of August 31, 2012 the Capital Fund = $ 2,056,774
    If PLCA pays WCI $700K for the Marina purchase — the associated costs will drain this account quickly.

    On 1/1/2013 the expected reserve balances for the roads = $1,060,129.04
    (includes Asphalt/Concrete $860K plus Seal Coat $200K)
    The looming question though: What necessitates the entire overlay?
    While some stretches of road may need repair, there is no apparent need to overlay all 13 miles of road 5 years before anticipated or necessary.

    Respectfully submitted for your consideration by Anne Cramer

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