PLCA Beach Restoration FDEP Permit issued 9/24/12 – Now for the Details?

Many liability and financial questions remain unanswered and residents will “need to know”  before this project moves forward. Let’s not wait until it’s too late – why not have multiple meetings starting now?

The board sent the following email to residents on September 25:

We are pleased to announce that the PLCA Beach Restoration FDEP Permit was issued September 24, 2012. Our attorneys and engineers are studying the detailed conditions in the permit, and will be contacting contractors who may have an interest to bid on the work once all permits are approved. We will have a Special Board Meeting in the late fall or winter, when more residents are back, to discuss every aspect of this project before the restoration contracts are signed. Present at the Special meeting will be our engineers, attorneys, Hyatt, and WCI, who will address resident questions. The FDEP Permit documentation is available online by clicking HERE.