Community Center Patio

I sent the below email to the PLCA Board suggesting it would be a good idea to build a screened-in porch on the existing patio at the Community Center….If you support this idea, take a minute to let the PLCA Board know your feelings. See email below.
Patsy Hall
The patio area of the Pelican Landing Community Center is very nice, but many of us feel there could be some significant improvements that would further enhance the patio as well as make the area more attractive and functional to the residents.
Specifically, we would like to see a portion of the patio covered and screened-in thus allowing more activities to take place  The covered patio could be used for formal and informal lunches, meetings, various card games,  Mah Jongg and a nice cool down area for Bocce, Pickle Ball players and spectators.. We have so many nice days in our area that it would be special to be able to sit outside on these days and enjoy the outdoors and our respective activities.
I don’t have a feeling for how large the covered patio should be, but if built properly and is attractive to residents, I can envision a number of groups requesting the patio, especially in Season. Perhaps a survey could be posted in the Pelican Landing newsletter requesting information regarding what groups might be interested in using the covered patio.That information should be useful in determining the size of the project.
Thanks, in advance, for your quick response to this suggestion.